Craft End-to-End Customer Journeys with WhatsApp

68% of WhatsApp users think it is the easiest way to connect with businesses. As your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we are here to help you connect with your customers at every touchpoint on their favorite app.
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Using Benefits

A simple, smart & proven way to boost your work performance

Bulk Sender

Send Campaigns to Non Contacts. Send Bulk Campaigns to Clients.


Set Date and Time for Campaigns.

Message Types

Send what ever content you want: Text, Image, Videos...

Auto responders

The great way for businesses to fulfill customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for their chat


Allow quicker response time to customer queries and faster resolutions

Multilple Whatsapp Accounts

Manage multiple WhatsApp accounts at one place.

The Bright Feature

With tons of features at your fingertips, let your creativity loose. Connect with your customers at ease and flexibility. WhatsApp Marketing will help you reach your potential audeince.

Easy Add Senders

Scan QR Codes to All Senders

Export WhatsApp Group Contacts

You can export the whole member list of whatsapp group.

Fully Responsive & Portable

You can manage Your account from any devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, Mac ..etc.

Whatsapp Bot is the perfect way to automate customer communication

Delegate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to Whatsapp Bot. Or build a chain of questions with pre-prepared answers to lead the client to a purchase fully automatically, without your participation.

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Extra Performance

Some extra core features available


Easily add watermark to your images with intuitive interface

File manager

Fully integrated with the best image uploading and editing currently available

Group manager

Managing all of your accounts in groups saves you time

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've crafted this FAQ page to answer many of your frequently asked questions

The tariffs indicate the message limit for all WhatsApp profiles added to your account on the service. It doesn't matter how many accounts you add to the service, the message limit will be common for everyone.

The number of accounts in each tariff is fixed, but you can delete unnecessary or blocked accounts and add others.

The correspondence is not saved, because the connection to the account goes through the api in real time. If the phone is not available or is locked, you will not be able to get the list of correspondences.

The blocking of the WA account, first of all, occurs due to user complaints about your messages and due to the sending of an advertising message with a link in the very first letter. And how you send, through a service, a program or manually does not really matter. Read how to avoid blocking in the Blog

You can create at least two accounts by simply installing the Regular version of the WhatsApp application and the Business version. If you need more accounts, then you can use the Wastap Cloner application. And create the required number of copies of the application that can work independently.

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